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We are CV5 Capital

Hedge Fund & Crypto Fund Solutions

CV5 Capital is the world's leading regulated turnkey solution for launching hedge funds & crypto funds with tier 1 service providers and ongoing regulated support, compliance and governance expected of institutional  and accredited investors. 

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About CV5 Capital

The leading solution for setting up and operating a hedge fund (including crypto hedge funds), whilst leveraging our expertise in fund operations, administration, governance, compliance, capital raising, legal, fund services, blockchain and crypto.

Team expertise includes an average of 30 years in investment management, portfolio management, law, compliance, risk management and fund governance working for well-known names in the industry. 

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Our Services
Crypto Funds
Our regulated & audited crypto fund platform (CV5 Digital) for launching and managing a crypto hedge fund in just 4 weeks.
Hedge Funds
Our regulated & audited hedge fund platform (CV5) for launching and managing a hedge fund in just 4 weeks.
Check our FAQ and see if your question has already been answered, if not feel free to contact us.

Launching a hedge fund or a crypto fund?

Crypto Fund formation
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