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Cayman Manco Solutions

We can streamline your operations in a cost-effective manner by offering third-party Management Company (ManCo) services from our offices in the Cayman Islands which can be complemented with a range of services, to support your fund offerings, all under one roof.

We deliver a powerful service offering that expands far beyond management company solutions via our unrivalled suite of services that support fund managers around the world.

Problem we solve?

For fund managers setting up funds, or those with existing funds, it is necessary to have a fund management and/or General Partner entity in place separate from the fund legal entity. Most countries will require regulation of the fund management company, which can be both expensive and a time consuming process. Our ManCo solution provides a ready made fund management company based in the Cayman Islands as the manager which can then take care of the operational and regulatory side of the management whilst delegating the day to day investment decision making process, investor interaction to the investment advisor onshore.

Our core services include:

  • Cayman Islands based Fund Manager, registered with CIMA

  • Economic substance and operational infrastructure in place for the Manco, physical office, experienced board of directors, compliance and regulatory services, support staff

  • Delegation of investment advisory services to advisor's

Our core solutions are complemented by a variety of additional services. All our services can be personalised according to your organisation’s needs, from a complete one-stop shop to individual standalone services:

  • Global Distribution & Capital Raising Support

  • Corporate Secretary Solutions

  • MLRO, DMLRO and AML Compliance Officers

  • Operational Policies & Procedures

  • Designated Persons (IRL)

  • Established risk management process

  • Investment objective rule implementation

  • Counterparty risk services

  • Fund Formation & Legal Formation for a all types of investment funds

  • Wrapper structuring for other products such as structured notes, certificates etc.

For further information on our Cayman ManCo solutions, please contact us:


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