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Launching a crypto fund but need an investment management entity?

Launching a crypto fund

When launching a crypto fund or traditional hedge fund, it is important that fund managers have a management or advisory entity ("Manco") to conduct the investment decision making role under the fund agreements and to receive the applicable management and performance fees set out in the fund's prospectus. This Manco should be a limited liability entity such as a Cayman Islands exempted limited company.

It is important that fund managers ensure that they have the requisite regulatory permissions to conduct securities investment business where-ever they are located e.g. London, New York, Dubai, Singapore etc.

Setting up an offshore Manco

Many fund managers will look to us to assist them with setting up an offshore Manco. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. Cost effective compared to becoming authorised onshore

  2. Cost effective ongoing expenses compared to becoming authorized onshore

  3. Tax-Neutral - zero tax

  4. Quick - we normally set up and register Manco's at the same time as we are setting up the fund

  5. Banking - same as the fund to provide efficiencies

  6. Ability to create VIP relationships with other counterparties - exchanges and custodians for example

For further information on our Manco services please contact us:

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