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Launching a Crypto Fund? CV5 Capital to launch a turnkey platform for digital asset strategies

CV5 Capital has been working with crypto managers with the formation and launch of funds for some time. It has become evident over the last year, that the traditional route of setting up an unregulated fund for crypto has become uneconomical. There has been a recent increase in compliance and regulatory costs associated with launching a crypto fund plus an increase in the time to launch.

As a result CV5 Capital is launching a regulated crypto fund platform in Q1 of 2021 to provide fund managers looking to launch a crypto fund with the ability to launch their fund and focus on their crypto strategy, building their business and raising investor capital.

CV5 Capital has been at the forefront of developments in the crypto hedge fund space, working with all key service providers to compliment the platform. CV5 Capital, as the platform manager, manages the legal, operational, governance, compliance & regulatory requirements plus a number of key benefits to crypto fund managers:


  1. Domiciled in the world's leading jurisdiction for hedge funds - the Cayman Islands

  2. Each Fund is fully segregated on the platform

  3. Ability for multiple funds to be launched and managed - fund managers can launch one fund or a range of funds

  4. Regulated - provides comfort and confidence to investors

  5. Built with a focus on governance and compliance

  6. Speed to launch - 4-6 weeks

  7. Leading Service Providers appointed - legal, administration, banking, custodian, audit, governance, FATCA,CRS reporting, compliance

  8. Other support services such as capital raising/distribution advisory, cross-border regulatory advice in multiple regions, accounting, pitch-deck and marketing support, management/adviser formation.

  9. Cost Savings & Transparent fees - avoid the usual upfront legal structuring costs and expenses. Transparent platform fees for all services.


Not suitable if looking to raise capital from US-taxable investors

Expected minimum initial investment per investor is US$100,000 or more


For further information on our new crypto fund platform for fund managers seeking to launch a digital asset fund, please feel free to contact us: info@cv5capital.com

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