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Setting up a Crypto Hedge Fund - CV5 Digital

At CV5 Capital, our expertise in launching crypto and blockchain focused investment funds has meant we have launched funds with various strategies, providing insight on the regulatory landscape and the issues faced by emerging crypto fund managers. It has traditionally been difficult to fund a cost effective solution for launching a fund given increased compliance requirements, assessing which service providers may be crypto friendly or have the expertise to fully support their strategy and what they can and cannot do as a fund manager i.e. the limitations from a regulatory perspective.

Invariably, this leads to endless calls with law firms in different regions with wide ranging advice provided. In many cases, fund managers with small teams become overwhelmed and confused. Not to mention, the time passes quickly and in a fast evolving industry, this often results in investors finding an alternative opportunity ready to go or the overall market moving to an extent that the fund in question in so no longer as attractive as it once was.

To bridge this gap in the industry, we at CV5 Capital, a Cayman Islands based firm, have created a one-stop solution off the back of our expertise in digital asset and blockchain financial services combined with our expertise and 25 + years of traditional finance experience, to provide prospective crypto fund managers, around the world, with an unrivaled crypto fund solution that is low cost, speed to market of 4-6 weeks but with the ongoing support to managers on all fronts in terms of operations, governance, compliance, fund admin, capital raising, banking, audit and so on. Working directly with fund managers, wealth managers, family offices, exchanges, traditional asset managers, we provide a solution based in the worlds leading jurisdiction for crypto hedge funds, the Cayman Islands. We work with fund managers launching various strategies in the crypto space such as:

  1. Algo

  2. Defi Protocols

  3. NFT's

  4. Web3 and Fintech Early Stage VC Investments

  5. GameFi

  6. Corporate Treasury Yield Enhanced Strategy

  7. Market Neutral

Whether fund managers are launching with US$5m or $250m the process is the same. All service providers forming part of our platform are focused on fully supporting the funds and respective fund managers throughout the lifecycle of a fund. "Our success is the success of our clients."

This enables each fund manager to focus on the core aspects of their fund, such as:

  1. Raising Capital.

  2. Meeting investor due diligence requirements (even institutional investor requirements).

  3. Focusing entirely on the investment strategy and risk management.

  4. Building an audited track record.

For further information on CV5 Digital and launching a crypto investment fund, then please contact us for a confidential discussion:


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