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Crypto Hedge Fund Formation

We routinely advise on all aspects of establishing a digital asset hedge fund. We also operate the leading digital asset hedge fund platform called CV5 Digital. 

CV5 Digital provides an efficient world-class platform for fund managers to launch and operate a fund with the full support of CV5 Capital. CV5 Digital is the perfect solution for emerging managers and well established asset managers, family offices and other financial institutions seeking to launch a crypto hedge fund with institutional grade service providers in place and leverage our expertise in the digital asset industry. We also provide a separate platform for other alternative investment strategies. For further information, please contact us. 

Venture Capital / Private Equity Fund Formation

We routinely advise on all aspects of establishing venture capital or private equity funds as:

  • Domicile Choice

  • Which legal entity to use e.g. company, partnership, trust, other

  • Which structure to use e.g. stand-alone fund, master-feeder fund, mini-master fund, umbrella structure

  • Regulatory Requirements such as registration requirements, restrictions and on-going

  • obligations

  • Appointment of service providers

  • On-going Support Services

Fund Platform Solutions – Turnkey Fund Launch Solutions

CV5 Digital - we provide a range of regulated turnkey solutions for asset managers (start-up and well-established asset managers) who seek to outsource the operational, legal and compliance requirements to CV5 Capital. Given the increased regulatory requirements, this is increasingly a preferred option for fund managers who can then focus on what they do best – managing the fund strategy for their clients and raising capital. Our platform solutions provide an optimal solution for meeting the highest level of governance and compliance in a highly efficient manner.

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Digital Asset & Blockchain Solutions - CV5 Digital Hedge Fund Platform

We have been at the forefront of digital asset solutions for fund managers and capital markets professionals. We have assisted in the establishment and launch of numerous crypto investment funds, putting in place all aspects to meeting regulatory requirements, acting on the board of such funds and understand the development of the market and key service providers. We also advise on blockchain and tokenized platforms for real estate and asset backed placements. For further information on our digital asset platform, stand-alone fund formation or tokenization platforms, please feel free to contact us.

Investment Manager Formation & Regulatory Hosting

We routinely assist with the formation of management companies and investment advisers to compliment your fund structure or capital markets transaction. We can set up fund management companies onshore or offshore, advise on regulatory permissions and requirements such as economic substance, capital adequacy and also assist with the appointment of authorized representative solutions.

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We can advise on all aspects of structuring and legal structures for asset backed finance, either raising finance via the capital markets, private finance or bank financing. We can provide assistance with the formation of offshore bankruptcy remote special purposes entities, administration of such SPV’s, the appointment of service providers, as required and distribution services, as required.

Asset-Backed Structured Finance Solutions

Tokenised Structured Notes – Issuance Solutions

If you are looking at solutions for issuing tokenized issuances via the blockchain then contact us to discuss

Governance Services - Digital Asset Structures

We are routinely asked to act as independent directors on various digital asset, blockchain and fintech investment structures to bolster the corporate governance framework, provide comfort to regulators, ensure conflicts of interest are avoided and that investors are treated fairly. Biographies available upon request.