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Crypto Hedge Fund Formation

Crypto Funds

Crypto Fund formation

Crypto Hedge Funds

Our regulated crypto fund platform for crypto hedge fund managers (CV5 Digital) 

If you are a fund manager looking to launch a crypto fund, then contact us today and leverage our expertise in launching highly successful and compliant crypto funds. 

Crypto Fund Formation

Supported by Best-In-Class Service Providers

  1. Domiciled in the worlds leading jurisdiction for crypto hedge funds - the Cayman Islands

  2. Fund Launch Time - 4 weeks

  3. Service Providers - Tier 1

  4. Low cost - Significant Cost Benefit compared to launching a stand-alone fund

  5. Supported by a regulated firm based in the Cayman Islands

  6. Access to all crypto markets, prime brokers, CEX's, defi protocols, OTC desks and custodians

  7. Investors may invest in Fiat via funds bank account or in crypto.

Each fund is supported by best-in-class service providers, regulated by CIMA and an audited track record for your investors.  The platform has developed a wealth of knowledge of the crypto industry, staking, yield-farming, de-fi, the ecosystems and service providers globally that can enhance a fund offering, as well as governance and compliance to provide comfort to your investors. 

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