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CV5 Digital - Crypto Hedge Fund Platform (setting up a crypto fund)

The following provides an overview for asset managers looking to launch a crypto hedge fund via our regulated turnkey digital asset fund platform. We increasingly work with traditional asset managers around the world who are looking for the support and expertise in the crypto industry when it comes to launching a crypto fund or a range of funds for their clients. This includes family offices, wealth managers, teams spinning out from traditional finance houses and blockchain treasury departments seeking to create a fund with a more attractive return in a low interest environment from staking, stablecoins or yield farming.

What is CV5 Digital?

CV5 Digital is a crypto hedge fund platform designed solely for asset managers who wish to launch and manage a crypto fund quickly and cost efficiently as we have performed the structuring and ground work to launching a fund. This enables asset managers to focus on the strategy of the fund and raising capital from investors whilst we manage the legal documentation of the fund, the appointment and onboarding of services providers, opening of the bank account, onboarding with crypto exchanges, governance, compliance and regulatory requirements.

Where will my fund be domiciled?

The Cayman Islands. The worlds leading jurisdiction for hedge funds, a British Overseas Territory, tax neutral and well regarded by investors around the world.

What is the estimated time-frame for launching a fund on CV5 Digital?

Approximately 6 weeks.

Can I receive investor subscriptions in crypto?


Is my fund regulated?

Yes, by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority? This provides comfort to both investors and counter-parties such as exchanges and other institutions.

Do I need a minimum capital raise?

No but there will be minimum expenses from launch that will be incurred.

What is the minimum investment amount per investor?

USD100,000 (or equivalent in other currencies).

Any restrictions on the type of strategy or investments made?

No. DeFi investments can be made, staking, on a centralised exchange, yield-farming, liquid and/or illiquid investments can be made.

Any restrictions on derivatives or leverage?


Who is the platform manager?

CV5 Capital - a dedicated manager of the platform for operations, compliance and governance, based in the Cayman Islands. CV5 Capital is registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority in accordance with the Securities Investment Business Act (SIBA).

What is the process for launching a fund on CV5 Digital?

Please contact us and we will provide a walk through of the process, answer any questions and provide details of launch and ongoing fees:


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